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Video clips

Showtime at “The Beach”

(No forum-spraying pretenders -- these are real-world senders)

Duane Shows why this route was named “Holy Mackerel!” (1.3 MB)

Jimi fires the heinous 12c crux of Sturgoen -- nice sound effects! (1.3 MB)

Jimi gets a scare topping out Sturgoen (1.3 MB)

Jimi makes Sex Porpoises look easy (744k)

Jimi on Sex porpoises -- dyno (248k)

Jimi on Sex Porpoises -- crux (600k)

Jimi on Sex Porpoises -- topout (872k)

Warning: “Mature” veiwers only!
Spew! Why I love sport-climbing -- Dan on Dreams 13b (5.3 MB)

Dan fires the crux on Dreams (1.3 MB)

Chris cruises the crux on Hot Tuna (1.3 MB)

Malcolm does the crux on Hot Tuna (1 MB)

Dan manages to make the 12a Hot Tuna look like 13b! (1 MB)


Looks like I'm (Knott) the best photograher...

Don't clip that bolt! (Hot Tuna -- early '02)

Would you TR off of this? (Hot Tuna -- early '02)

Uhh...which one should I clip? (Hot Tuna -- 03/02)

Anchors away! (Hot Tuna -- 03/02)

Other goodies

Dr. Sue Hopkins’ amazing water-color art!

Decisions, decisions...

For the chisel-wielding bolt-sprayers

Something approaches...(4.5MB)

A tough job with all the noise (462k)

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